Zeco Pain Kit
A herbal joint care kit introduced by Indianherbopharma is a herbal medicine that can provide relief from joint pain. This pain relief formula is made entirely from natural herbs. 
Herbal Capsules
From the Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Arjuna to many more, find a variety of herbal capsules here at Indianherbpharma. These herbal medicines can be taken without prescription for the slow, but effective treatment of diabetes, digestive issue, etc. 
Herbal Tonic
Herbo Liv and Indo Orange are two herbal tonics produced by our company. These herbal formulas in the liquid form are safe to consume. These are gentle, mild and safe on the body, therefore do not cause any side effects. 
Herbal Juices
Herbal juices are juices extracted from herbs, like giloy, amla and aloe vera. These herbs are said to have many beneficial properties, which are found in the juices as well. As these are not flavoured, their taste might not like by all. People can mix a teaspoon of any herbal juice in fruit juice or simply water. 
Herbal Powder
Amino powder is herbal protein powder available in 500gm pack. This is a beneficial herbal product that can be consumed by everyone in the family to maintain good health. 
Ayurvedic and Herbal Digestive Syrup
Promo Zyme is an Ayurvedic and herbal digestive syrup made in-house and supplied all over India. This digestive syrup can be taken after meal to help body break down food. 
Ayurvedic and Herbal Cough Syrup
ESPI-HIST is an Ayurvedic and herbal cough syrup that customers can buy from us. Both children and adults can take this syrup to treat cold and cough, but in different dosage. One must shake the bottle well before taking this syrup. 
Blood Purifier Syrup
Our company brings forth PURI-8, a blood rectifier tonic for women. Available in 100ml packing, this blood purifier is helpful in remove all impurities in blood. If blood is pure, your skin and other organs in the body remain healthy.  
Glow Shine Herbal Face Pack
Our company specializes in bringing herbal products for skin. This skin care range includes a glow shine herbal face pack and skin care lotion. Both, men and women can use these products to attain a clear and glowing skin. 
Herbal Oil
Get rid of that constant pain in your muscle or joint by staring applying a good herbal pain relief oil. This Pain Well Plus is a pain relief oil for joint mobility. It can be applied by old people with arthritis. 

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